Co-Creating My Dream Office with God

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At the beginning of the year I set out to dig deep inside myself and learn how to dream.

In fact, my Facebook status read this:

Spent most of my afternoon breaking down my goals into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. It was like lighting when it hit me that I was co-creating my year with God. I have goals I have written down on my paper, but it’s up to me to go after them. He whispered them in my ear and planted them in my heart. But it’s up to me to not waste time. It’s up to me to move and take action. In my childhood I heard people say: “Si Dios quiere”, it means “If God wants” and it was just left at that. I wasn’t taught to plan, in fact it was hard for me to dream. I always thought I need to just be grateful. But God wants more for us than to just be grateful. He invites us to dream and co-create.

So, one of the goals I wrote out was to transform and organize my own office.  It functioned OK for the most part.

But there were some things I wanted to change, such as:

  1. Better location for my desk – It always seemed to be in the wrong place no matter which wall I tried.
  2. I needed better lighting
  3. A pretty inbox – to me I feel like an inbox is like a buquet of flowers for your desk. It brightens up your desk and helps you stay motivated to do the mundane things involved with paper.
  4. New Paint
  5. Possibly a new desk
  6. Bright and airy feel
  7. New curtains
  8. A concealed storage solution for my receipts
  9. A place for me to lay or sit more comfortably to plan, write blogs, or to just give my back a break from sitting.

Co-Creating my Dream Office

I enjoyed Co-creating my office with God.

It is hard to explain on paper the magic that happened as I sketched and saw the things come to fruition.

Disclaimer: I am not an Interior Designer

I started by looking on Pinterest for spaces that had the colors/the feeling I was going for in my office. Here is the Pinterest board I made:

Let me back up and say that the jumping off point was my photo shoot with my photographer Oksana.

I found this board at Home Goods as I was getting ready for our photo shoot.

I don’t know if it was the pink or her awesome photo skills, but it really brought out my essence.

So, I wanted to transfer that soft, sweet feel into my office.

Then I took my pinterest inspiration board and looked at my current furniture pieces and how they could bring that inspiration into my space.

I made a sketch of where I would place the large furniture pieces.

Making The Transformation

First on the list was painting my walls.

You can see from the initial picture I tried on a few swatches to see if I wanted an accent wall.

With so many paint choices, I felt like this was one of the hardest parts.

Then a revelation came to me.

I looked into the cans I had set aside for Hazardous waste drop off.

I tried this soft gray color called Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and instantly loved it.

I decided for no accent wall and had my entire office painted in this color.

I hired my handyman to paint my office and since my desk was functional, just not the right color, I decided to have It painted as well.

We went with spraying it with varnish for its wipe-ability.

Then, I got a revelation when I was purging and figuring out how I was going to use this dresser I had.

It used to have doors to conceal two drawers, but my daughter decided to hang from it when she was little and it broke. #life

Anyway, I knew I would put the printer behind my desk for better flow with my board on top.

So, I thought “What if, I took out these drawers and made a slide out to have my printer down at the bottom instead of taking up space on the counter.”

That was a genius idea!

God sure knows how to make me smile.

I had my carpenter remove the drawer, cut out the shelf, and replace it with a slide out shelf.

Then my handyman painted my dresser too.

It’s perfect for keeping my desk organized.

It was all coming together so beautifully!

Then I turned my attention to my blogging area.

I scoured Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist for the perfect little sofa for a while.

I almost purchased a different one.

But, as I was checking one more time I noticed an alert for this little Settee on Offer-Up.

It was so cute, and It was right in my budget.


I separated this “zone” with a small area rug in my favorite rose color, added a side table and pouf.

That gray abstract art was a Facebook Marketplace find!

I finished up by creating my gallery wall and adding my functionality pieces such as my inbox, Organized my receipts, notes, and cards into Ikea boxes, and gave everything a home.


I got all the items on my wish list and more.

I really enjoy my new space and feel so productive and inspired working in here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching my dream office transform into reality.

With a little creativity and inspiration, you can transform any space you want!

How about you? Is there a space you’ve been itching to design for better function?

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  1. Elva , I knew you are awesome.

    I can see your soul in everything you do.

    Keep bringing out from you, all those beautiful things God, Lord almighty lay oin your heart
    Love you Alex.

  2. Wow, what a lovely transformation! I love that you co-created it with God. May He continue to bless the work of your hands 🙂

  3. I love your office! I loved how it all came together-I think God was helping! Your little sofa is too cute and I love that part of the room. I saw that you mentioned that you weren’t an interior designer, but it looks like a professional decorator did your office. I hope to have an office like yours one day soon!

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