From Out Of Control To In Order: A Linen Closet Makeover

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Organization-it can be kind of intimidating, right?

Whether you consider yourself an organized person or not, I think there’s something we can all agree on, clutter is NOT something that makes us feel good.

Usually, we tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed when our home gets too cluttered, but we also don’t know where to start, or how to improve and make it better. Fortunately, that’s where I come in!

Let’s Talk Linen Closets!

Linen closets are so random and one of the last places people think of organizing. It’s a space that can do a lot of heavy lifting for us are intentional about organizing it. It can do things like storage of game boards to an overstock of supplies, toilet paper, and luggage – not just linens. When it doesn’t get organized It’s easy for it to just become another random junk drawer.

Life is busy enough, and the last thing you need to be stressed about is the clutter in your hoIt’s your safe space after all, and it should make you feel energized, and at peace.

Today, I am sharing a linen closet that I did a while back and it’s still one of my favorites.  I organized most of the spaces in her home, creating systems that allowed for everything to have a “home”. 

When organizing for families I often hear expressions like “I want to keep this but I don’t know what to do with it” “ I don’t know where to put this”. After asking a few questions we are able to identify the best place for things so that it is easier to find and use. 

before and after home organizationAs you can see from this “before” photo the only things this linen closet held were….linens and some luggage. But, it could do so much more for this family, and with a little planning and the proper organizers we gave this linen closet structure and added functionality for other essentials. !

Items were put in there randomly, and things were starting to halt at the door as there was no place for other things to sit on the shelves. It became an “I’ll fix it when I have a chance to organize this” situation.   

Thankfully we were working on other spaces and we were able to make some important connections. 

Things to think about when doing your own linen closet. 

-Get rid of cardboard and take things out of their packaging.

-Use your top, tall spaces efficiently for taller less used items. 

-Get rid of items that no longer “support you” in this season of your life.

-Fold linens in the same direction. 

-Group like with like. 

-If it’s not something you want to store here. Take it out of the equation.

-Just going through and removing items that didn’t belong there in the first place helped tremendously. 

Next, add structure and define the space with bins. This my dear is why we recommend not buying containers until you’ve done the decluttering.  

These are the solutions I chose for my client.

Products to Organize HomeProducts to Organize HomeProducts to Organize Home

Products to Organize HomeProducts to Organize Home

I used multi-purpose bins to store overstock items for family members and guests. Baskets to hold linens by size and shelf dividers to keep towels standing upright. Labeled- It is clear as day where things go. Which communicates to the family when things are needed and put away.

We used the right containers to maximize the depth of the shelves and kept the most used items front and center in prime real estate.

My client’s linen closet went from dysfunctional and jumbled to organized and simplified, and my client’s smile said it ALL. She has a beautiful home so I was delighted that she loved this “soothing” little space.  

before and after home organization

A “linen closet” doesn’t always need to function exclusively as a linen closet. It can be an activity storage area, a game closet, medicine, and first aid storage, or whatever you need it to do for you. Just give it clear defined boundaries and communicate it with the rest of the family. 

This way everything will have a place and everything has a better chance of going back to its’ place. 

If your space is making you feel overwhelmed and out of control, and you know you need a positive change, I want to help you!  Feel free to reach out to me for an estimate-the Sensational Organizing Team and I are here to help you take back control, and love your space again!

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