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Book Elva to speak for your group or special event. Let Elva inspire you and your group to get organized!

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Elva inspires positive change in her audience’s perspective on clutter and organization, helping people find peace and relief from clutter.

Elva can share on organizing in both formal and workshop style formats for your group. Elva’s proven method will inspire you to get organized while enjoying her engaging session.

Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious as she shares how organizing and decluttering transformed and saved her life.

Her goal is to make sure your group will walk away empowered once they learn these life-altering tips and strategies of being organized so they too can enjoy the benefits of being organized.

Let Elva inspire you and your group to get organized!

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Wonderful people like you who have
attended her workshop had this to say:

I learned so much from your talk because you were so transparent and authentic about your story and the information you taught was easy to understand. It wasn’t just information from a book but from your own life experience. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Your seminar was so much more than I expected, it was very enlightening for me to see to see it from a whole new perspective as to why and how to combat clutter in a healthy way. It makes so much sense to me and is very encouraging. A light came on! I am on my way to moving forward.

What your audience will walk away with:

The thing about clutter is that we all have it. The difference is how much clutter you have and have you exceeded the limits of what YOU or your household can bear. Households all across America are burdened by excess stuff and although many have the desire to take control. Clutter has a crippling effect on people not knowing where to start.

Is the life you want hiding underneath the excess of stuff? A simpler life?!

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