Meet The Team

Get to know your professional organizing team by reading a brief bio with fun facts and see how it’ll be to work with us.

Angel Fonseca

Team Support/Organizer

Meet Angel, not only my beloved husband but also a vital member of our home organizing dream team.  With Angel’s background in Receiving, he excels at micro-sorting the diverse categories of peoples belongings in homes. Angel supports our team with shopping, returns, inventory, and donation hauls,  as well as provides a helping hand whenever heavy lifting or grammar expertise is needed.

What truly lights up Angels’ day is witnessing the sheer joy on our clients’ faces during the post-organizing “after-tour” He firmly believes in our philosophy that decluttering before organizing is key. Decluttering clears your mind, and offers a sense of freedom and newfound purpose. 

Julie Steinbach


 Julie understands the art of juggling a busy family life. She reminisces about the days when her 4 kids were young, especially the epic Lego challenges that required top-tier organization skills.

One thing you’ll find about Julie is her uncanny ability to anticipate your needs before you even realize them, offering the support and guidance you require.

Organizing sessions with Julie are not only productive but also filled with a sense of peace and tranquility. With her attention to what needs to get accomplished, Julie is the perfect organizing partner to help you achieve order and harmony in any space.

When she’s not organizing, Julie and her husband embark on thrilling adventures creating lasting memories together. Her faith in God is a cornerstone of her life, and she finds joy and growth through her spiritual journey.4

Shelly Almanzar


Shelly is a versatile organizing dynamo who brings creativity and encouragement to every project.

Her favorite organizer? The trusty lazy susan is a spinning wonder that adds functionality and fun to any space.

Regarding her preferred space to organize Shelly thrives in the kitchen and pantry. With her love for cooking, she knows that an organized kitchen is the recipe for culinary success.

Her favorite inspirational quote: “Can’t never could,” reminds her to forge ahead rather than succumb to perfectionism and procrastination. 

Karen Diaz


With over 14 years of invaluable office experience, including a stint with Neiman Marcus magazine, Karen brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Karen has an affinity for all things acacia. Its luxurious and captivating beauty never fails to capture her heart.

Karen possesses a unique blend of flexibility and empathy, skillfully navigating our clients’ needs and emotions during the decluttering process, ensuring a smooth and supportive journey.

Her love for organizing others is fueled by the transformative power it holds. Witnessing the positive impact it has on people’s lives is what drives her passion.

Her favorite quote, “love is an action word,” reflects her belief that love is best expressed through actions and deeds, a philosophy that guides her both in life and in the art of organizing.