Getting Started

Learn more about working with Sensational Organizing Services and how to get started with an in-home consultation.

Our Process is Simple...

Our work goes beyond tidying your space. We implement the SIMPLE method to strategically and efficiently organize, and create personalized systems to make your home the sanctuary you always wanted.

S-ort like with like
I-dentify items you value and only keep the things you love, need, and use
M-ap out the space to maximize your home’s storage
P-roperly contain items using functional and stylish bins
L-abel to maintain your systems
Easily return items to its home with a place for everything and everything in its place

Getting Started is Easy

Contact Us

Call 909-372-0527 or click here to submit details about your project. Then send in pictures for your FREE 15 minute call to get the process started.

In-Home Discovery Session

Book an in-home consultation ($100 investment*) to fully assess the scope of your project. This is a working session. We will formulate a plan to help you reach your desired outcome and schedule the necessary visits.


*local initial investment cost

Let the transformation begin

We will follow the proven S.O. method to help you remove the excess and leave you with an organized functional space.