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Elva Fonseca

A San Dimas professional organizer serving San Dimas, California and surrounding areas.

For some, organizing is just putting an item back to where it belongs. But for Elva, it is much more than that — it was about restoring people’s lives. Through her life’s most challenging moments, her space was the only thing she had control over. Simplifying and organizing her space brought her peace and clarity when her world was chaotic. It was then she realized the power of an organized space and its abilities to transform lives.

Elva’s organizational journey began at a young age with a desire to help her busy, single mom around the house. What started as simple tasks at home developed into organization skills that Elva applied throughout her career. For 15+ years, she created systems and streamlined processes to support and improve businesses of all sizes.

But Elva didn’t want to stop there — organizing has done so much for her and she knew she had to pay it forward to others. So, in 2015, Elva created Sensational Organizing to help people reset the most important space — their home. The best part of her day is seeing her clients’ faces light up with happiness when they see their newly organized space.

Elva currently lives in San Dimas, California, with her husband, two kids, and their Belgium Melanois (Bear). She continues being just as passionate about organizing because she knows having a clean and uncluttered space opens up room for new beginnings.

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