3 Easy Tasks you Could do Today to Prep for Back-to-School Tomorrow

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It’s time again to switch gears into different routines and schedules with kids going back-to-school!

For some households, the weeks leading up to the back to school routine can be stressful.

Last minute store dashes for school supplies and school clothes usually gets the best of people.

Today I am sharing 3 easy tasks you can do today to prep for back to school tomorrow and keep your sanity.

Prep for back to school

Many kids dread the thought of returning to school and running around frantically just adds to the stress not only for the child but for the entire family.

It is important to know ahead of time what the school year might look like as you prep for back to school. Here are some things to think about:

  • Will your child be involved in activities that may need equipment?
  • What classes is your child taking that may require specific supplies?
  • Log into your schools’ website and write down all the non-school dates and holidays onto your calendar.

So, without further ado, here are my 3 easy tasks you can do today to prep for back to school.

1. Clean Out their Closets and take Inventory of what they need

Children grow faster than almost anything I know!

Also, as they develop their personality and begin to understand their individuality, their style will change as well.

Take time to clean out their closets with them.

Remove any clothes they have outgrown or are no longer their style.

For example, both of my kids disliked jeans. After a while, I discovered that my daughter only liked slim fit.

I only discovered this while cleaning out her closets with her!

Doing this will also help you shop wiser and save money because you are buying the right things and the right quantity.

Between school supplies and school clothes, saving money anywhere you can is a win!

Mom tip:

For small children, when putting the clothes you purchased away, create grab-and-go outfits!

With the help of your child, put the outfit on one hanger and add the accessories.

It’s a great way to not only be organized but to save time in the morning!

Use my free printable to help you shop for back to school clothes.

Take inventory of what you have on hand and note the items you need to purchase, cross off what you don’t.

This free printable will make your back to school clothes shopping a breeze plus keep you on a budget!

Click To Download

2. Create a Designated School Area

Giving your kids a small designated area for homework and projects will change your life!

See the study area I created for my children last year for some pointers.

When they have an area specifically for school and supplies at their fingertips, they will be more focused.

Take inventory of the supplies you have from last year so that you know what items you need to replenish.

It is also helpful to place a calendar here so that they can see any after-school activities or school events that are coming up.

3. Start Your Bedtime and Morning Routine a Week in Advance

Consider it a dress rehearsal! Summer is very relaxed, and it can even be hard for parents to get back into a routine.

By waking up early one week before, you are exercising the routine muscle!

Don’t forget bedtime either.

As a go-getter and new business owner myself, I’ll admit its hard to turn off the brain.

Last year, I learned the importance of a night routine because without a full 7-8 hours it is hard for children to focus.

I have had to give myself permission to keep going if I need to but to turn it off and help these kiddo’s of mine get to bed before I proceed with my goals.

Anyway, here is an example of the dress re-rehearsal, I plan on implementing this year.

6:00am – Wake Up & Make Bed
6:30am – Time for breakfast
7:00am – Brush Teeth
7:15am – Now my children are able to relax & enjoy the rest of their day

6:30pm – Dinner with the Family
7:15pm – Family Time: games, chatting or watching a movie
8:30/9pm – Getting into bed

By doing these 3 easy tasks today to prep for back to school tomorrow, I can tell you it will be so easy for you and your family to get back into the swing of things!

Clean out their closets, create a designated school area, and start the routine early.

You can only set yourself up for a successful, stress-free school year with your kids.

How do you get ready for back to school time? What are your tips to a successful send-off?

I wish you and your kids, the best school year yet!

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