Decluttering your kids before Christmas

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I notice that toward the end of the year I start to feel heavy and overwhelmed by too much! I always try to fit in too many things. Then I make myself frazzled and I lose focus. 🙋🏽 (human here)

As soon as I catch myself getting caught up in the busy work, I have to shift myself into subtracting.

I start subtracting things from my to-do list, I refocus on progress, not perfection, and I remind myself that the whole point of the season is to be together with family, make memories, and connections.

It’s the connections that make us feel alive and a part of something important …………FAMILY.

Just as Barbara Bush says

At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child or a parent.

This feeling of having too much on my plate has me craving a fresh start and looking forward to the new year.

This feeling of “too much” applies to overcommitments in our calendars, too many to-dos, and too much stuff in our physical space.

It’s critical to remember the importance of “subtracting”.

Just as your body goes through a natural process to remove your bodies waste.

We too much shed from our physical space the items that are burdening our daily lives.

This practice is an important habit and lifestyle to share and teach to our children.

Though it might not be easy at first to get your kids into the practice, your children will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Decluttering before Christmas is the perfect time to get started.

Kids are excited about new toys, so it opens them up to the concept of “in order to receive we must let go”.

Kids get overwhelmed with too much just as we do.

More toys do NOT equal more play. However, having fewer toys does equal less cleanup both for you and your child.

Here are the four areas you can focus on decluttering with your child:


Goes without saying you will without a doubt get an influx of toys this Christmas.

When things don’t have a “home” or its boundary is overfilled, these items spill into your other living spaces.

Decluttering kids toys

In order to prevent this, we must periodically check our boundaries and make space.

Spread yourself on the floor with your kiddo’s, separate and group all the Legos together, the Shopkins together, the animal figurines, the soldiers, the heroes, etc etc.

As you are going through everything trash any puzzles with missing pieces, any broken figurines, or toys that have seen better days.

Then take time with your children and ask them what they are no longer into. You will be surprised at how straightforward they are.

Then remind them that these toys are going to other children that can’t afford any.

Clothes and shoes

My children grow so fast that I don’t notice when they’ve outgrown their current wardrobe.

I wish there was a stop button so that I can have time to breath in-between their growth spurts. Am I the only one?

Going through the clothes at the end of the year helps me to take that pause and acknowledge their growth.

Do the first run through and remove any that aren’t your kiddo’s size.

Then allow them to part with clothes they don’t like anymore.

Helping them to streamline their closet will make mornings easier because you won’t hear them saying “I have nothing to wear” even though you know, their closet is bursting at the seams.

Art supplies

Refresh their creative zones by tossing dry or empty paint cans, dried markers, broken crayons, and random sheets of cardstock.

decluttering Art supplies before Christmas

Then sort and organize everything back in its place.

When things are replenished your children will feel renewed and inspired to create.

Electronic equipment

Take time to assess their game playing consoles, movies, game cards, tablets, headphones, etc.

Often times these items are randomly hanging out in drawers even though they are no longer functioning or played with.

A great place to take these items to is Best Buy, Gamestop or try the Amazon buyback program.

These items can bring in cash at the same time that you clean out and make space in your home.

After this purge, you will know what, if anything, your children will need for Christmas and you won’t get caught off guard when family asks what your kids would like this Christmas.

You will be able to suggest suitable, useful gifts.

You can even use my free template in my last post on a creative way to let your family know what you really, really want.

May your heart spill over with the love and magic of Christmas when your children’s eyes gleam and they smile from ear to ear, as they show you their gifts on Christmas morning; because you will know exactly where things will go when you get home.

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