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Keepsake Interviews + Guide Printables


Complete keepsake bin + printables are also available by clicking here.

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Children’s Keepsake Interview Printables

Introducing our Printable Child Interview Sheets – the perfect way to capture your child’s journey year after year! (PHYSICAL & DIGITAL FILES)

Each year, watch your little one grow and develop with these specially crafted interview sheets. With different questions tailored to each age, you can document their unique personality, milestones, and memories in a fun and interactive way.

  • 9-pages of interviews that cover toddlerhood to 6th grade, allowing you to document precious moments and milestones.
  • 2-page Keepsake Guide from a Professional Organizer: Our keepsake guide provides you with expert tips and questions to guide your organization process. Benefit from the advice of a professional organizer to help you preserve and cherish your keepsakes effectively.

Key Features:

1. Yearly Different Questions: Our printable child interview sheets come with a fresh set of age-appropriate questions every year. From their favorite activities to dreams and aspirations, these thoughtfully curated questions ensure a comprehensive snapshot of your child’s growth and experiences.

2. Space for Photos: Cherish those priceless moments alongside the interview responses. Each sheet includes a dedicated space to add a photo, allowing you to create a visual timeline that beautifully complements the written memories.

3. Fun and Engaging Designs: We understand the importance of creating a joyful experience. Our interview sheets feature vibrant and playful designs that captivate your child’s attention, making the interview process enjoyable for both of you.

4. Keepsake-worthy: As the years go by, these interview sheets become treasured keepsakes. Witness the growth, progress, and changing perspectives of your child as you collect and compile these valuable records.

Capture the essence of your child’s unique journey with our Printable Child Interview Sheets. Order now and embark on a wonderful tradition of annual interviews, preserving memories and creating a cherished keepsake for years to come. Let the fun design and thoughtful questions illuminate the beautiful story of your child’s growth.

Complete keepsake bin + printables are also available by clicking here.


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